Watch Sports On Your Computer

The cable and satellite companies are going to hate me for telling you this but FORGET them! You do not have to purchase some expensive sports package from your cable or satellite service to watch every sports event in the world. Shhhhhhh! Don't tell them that you can watch any sporting event from any computer or mobile device. Just a few weeks ago, I watched Mayweather fight and get his 43rd win. My cable carrier wanted $50 to let me watch this event but I headed to this online service and watched it for free.

One problem that the cable and satellite players have is how the internet is challenging them. They are no longer the only players in town. I don't have to pay out a couple hundred bucks just to get the NFL package, all I have to do is head to my sports service and I have access to every game. I don't need the NFL package to watch a non-local Thursday Night Football game, I head to my sports site and there it is for me to enjoy. Joining these sports sites have saved me thousands of dollars and it is basically free to use.

I'm even getting into new sports like Rugby. Who ever knew that Rugby was such an amazing fun to watch. No offense to any Rugby fans but it looks like little league football without any passing and I love that about it. I love that the ball is always in action and that the game only stops for injury and for the half. I would have never discovered this without the sports sites.

I'm also glad that I don't have to have the Tennis channel which isn't available without paying even more money from my cable and satellite provider to watch non-grand slam tennis events. I hate that I miss most of the tennis matches because on the slams are played on ESPN and network TV, while the rest of the events are played on the Tennis channel and various channels around the world. I hate missing out like that.

With basketball season about to start, the NBA will start pushes their own sports package along with the cable providers and guess who won't be purchasing a subscription? My sports channel is a lot cheaper and it has the exact same quality.

As you can now see, cable and satellite sports packages are a waist of money. If you want to watch sports this is the only company that you will ever need. They have access to EVERY sporting event around the would and you can watch it from any device you own. Join me in the sports sports revolution and lets say NO to the high prices of cable, satellite and league passes that cost too much money. I have not missed one single sporting event since getting this sports service that I now use.

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