I Actually Bookmarked A Schedule Of 2016 NCAA Football Games

I actually bookmarked a schedule of 2016 NCAA football games. I have discovered that things work out a lot better on the home front if I actually pay a little attention to the schedule far in advance. My girlfriend is a huge fan of a particular school, although she watches other games religiously too.

Me? Football is not really my thing, as I am a huge baseball fan, so I am more likely to make plans with friends or travel or more often during the late fall and winter, since my sport is in its off-season. My girlfriend and I discovered last winter that this was actually a little bit of a problem, since most NCAA football games are on Saturdays, though not all.

She loves to travel with me, but my inclination to schedule things weeks or months in advance wound up conflicting with a number of key games. It sometimes shocks people that the woman in our house is the football fan, and I as the guy care nothing about the sport, but it is always a chance to make them feel awkward about their own stereotypes and preconceptions.

I have trips I want to take with my love, but I also know what games to watch out for on the 2016 NCAA football games schedule. She never misses a Duke game, since she is an alum of that school. She also rarely misses the Carolina games, as she roots for pretty much everyone that plays them, except Clemson, which I am not sure I understand.

I do know that after the middle of January we will be free to travel as we please, which is a nice time to find cheap cruises, at least until April when I get spring training in baseball again!

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